Picture of How To Make An Adjustable Dog Collar
Does your dog go through their collars quickly? Dog collars can be expensive to buy & since you have the hardware from all the old collars, why not make one of your own? This instructable will show you how to make an adjustable dog collar.

I have recently started a DIY pet blog called Bloggie Stylish where you can find other tutorials like this one.
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Step 1: Tools & Supplies You Will Need

Picture of Tools & Supplies You Will Need
You will need some sort or webbing like nylon, cotton or polypropylene, a pair of scissors, a D-ring, slide lock and plastic snap (which you can scavenge off of an old collar, and a sewing machine. The flexible measuring tape is only if you want to measure your dog's neck.

Step 2: Cutting The Webbing

Jersey's neck size is 17 inches, so she will need a medium sized collar. From experience, since I am a dog collar maker, cutting a piece of webbing 26 inches long will give you a finished collar that is adjustable from 16 to 20 inches. If you have a larger dog, cut a piece of webbing that is 32 inches. Your finished collar from that piece of webbing will give you a collar that is adjustable from 20 to 24 inches.

Step 3: Sewing On The Slide Lock

Picture of Sewing On The Slide Lock
Thread the webbing through the slide lock, leaving approximately a two inch piece of webbing to sew together. Sew two seams, up and down, across the webbing. Triple stitch these seams by using the reverse button on your sewing machine.

Step 4: Threading The Snap Onto The Webbing

Picture of Threading The Snap Onto The Webbing
With the fold of the webbing facing OUTWARDS, thread the webbing through the side of the snap that has the single slot. It is important that the curve of the snap is facing downwards, like in the picture.

Step 5: Threading The Snap Part 2

Picture of Threading The Snap Part 2
Now run the webbing through the D-ring. Next, thread the webbing through the first slot and second slots of the other side of the snap. Adjust the webbing so that there is a Three inch allowance of webbing to be sewn. Move the D-ring between the two pieces of webbing.
MsJaxFla3 years ago
Good job! How thick/heavy was your webbing? I have used nylon webbing to replace a fake leather handle on a leash before and it was hard to get the tension to work to sew through the thickness. I have a Singer Touch and Sew, circa 1966 ish and I had trouble with the thickness, but eventually got it done.
Clacsi4 years ago
Magyar vizsla =) cool !
Yay for the vizslas! (that is a vizsla, right? lol)

good instructable btw
Doggie Stylish (author)  TechNerd10125 years ago
yes, jersey is a vizsla.