video How To Make An Air Conditioner in 30 Seconds
How To Make An Air Conditioner in 30 Seconds using household and inexpensive materials.
lemonie6 years ago
Where did the commentary come from - sounds a bit weird (not you)? L
akosin (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I used AT&T's voice synthesizer
lemonie akosin6 years ago
Is this software or hardware (I'm interested)? L
akosin (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Software, its free, just search AT&T Text to voice on google.
This text to speech program is no longer free. You can buy it from them for $295.
Are you serious or is that an iphone joke?
lemonie akosin6 years ago
OK, thanks. L
Deathstick5 years ago
Where is the fan?
akosin (author)  Deathstick5 years ago
Umm *Blink Blink* *Gives a starnge look at laptop* the majority of the air conditioner is the fan (the large black thing)
hleon6 years ago
this is not a good heat transfer method! use copper tubing. mine is about to be improved. it is homemade manly air conditioner(can also heat)
akosin (author) 6 years ago
Cool, but over 30 seconds.