Picture of How To Make An Airplane Ornament Using A Cigar Tube
I started a tradition when Thing One was born - every year I make an ornament for Thing One (and subsequently for Thing Two when he burst onto the scene). I try to make something novel and fun, inspired by things lying around in the house. I want something basic, that will last for years if cared for properly, and that will grow in sentimental value.

This is a re-creation of the airplanes I made a few years ago - I needed to take photos of the process so decided to make another one.


A cigar tube
Some sheet Aluminum
Fast setting epoxy
Primer and paint

Tools: Sheet metal cutters, toothpick/small skewer, modeling clay, sharpie pen, cardboard for wing templates

Step 1: Design The Silhouette

Picture of Design The Silhouette
Locate a cigar tube of your choosing. Cut out cardboard (I used soda-can carton) templates of the wings and tail sections. I sketched a few profiles until I got one I liked that looked about right. Lay them out next to the tube to see if you like the silhouette before going on to cut the metal.
lemonie5 years ago
That's a nice looking model.
I find with these two part expoxys that if you wait until they're just set, you can trim easily with a sharp knife - it saves a lot of sanding.

craftycounterpart (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Thanks - I forgot to mention that you can 'tool' the epoxy as it hardens. I also found that working quickly with the just-mixed epoxy lets it 'flow' into the joint and smoothe itself out before it hardens. The later joints I didn't have to sand at all because I was getting so good at working the epoxy.
Yes, but you have to get it right, start fiddling and you can end-up with "I should have left that alone..." (I know)