Step 1: The Correct Materials

1.a empty bottle 2.a paper towel 3.any kind of vinegar 4.baking soda 5.any kind of BB's

Step 2: The Grenade

First you take the bottle and fill about a fourth of it with vinegar. Then you put about 25 BB's in the bottle. After that you put about 3 spoonfuls of the baking soda on the paper towel. Then you roll it up so it fits in the bottle. And finally u put it in the bottle and put the cap back on and then shake it 10-15 times as hard as you can and chuck it at the ground and then it will explode!
<p>But does it fragment the bottle? if so, is it safe for beginner airsofters? think!!</p>
This is quite dangerous and normally fails.

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