Picture of How To Make An Airsoft Magpull
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
photo-2013-04-11 9:17 PM.jpg
There are only 2 things you will need: 1-Duct tape (I used digicamo, but any colour will do) 2-Your magazine (obviously)

Step 2: Making The Pulltab

Picture of Making The Pulltab
All I did was split my duct tape in half and get 2 4 inch (10cm) strips of tape. I stuck it so that there is only about 1/2 an inch was stuck on the mag, then stuck it on the same way on the other side. I put the other strip over top to make it stronger. **Make sure that the pull-tab is long enough so that you can still crank the gear (if you have a wind-up mag)

Step 3: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
To hold it in place I just wrapped some more duct tape around the bottom of the mag. And voila! You have a magpull!
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habs19 (author) 2 years ago
I am working on some more
habs19 (author) 2 years ago
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Great instructable!