Introduction: How to Make an Automatic Cactus Farm on Minecraft PE

In this instructable I'll show you how to make an Minecraft PE cactus farm
This works in survival too!

Step 1: Supply

You need
Carved stone (Quartz, etc.)
Fence gate
Water bucket

Step 2: Sand

Place 2 x 6 sand

Step 3: Stone Pt 1

Place stone one block away around the sand

Step 4: Pillars

Put 4 block pillars on each corner

Step 5: Connect

Step 6: Second Set

Put floor and make a one block gate around it.
Then make a hole front and center
Put a sign in the hole (to hold water

Step 7: Pillars 2

Put pillars on the longer side of the outline
Make sure it lines up with the sand

Step 8: Gate

Place the wooden gate on the second block on the pillar (or 3rd counting the outline)
You have to place a block under the block you want to place the gate
Then break the block

Step 9: Open Gate

If the cactus grows 2 blocks and doesn't break close the gate

Step 10: Do It on the Second Floor

Step 11: Add Water

Add water back and center on both floors

Step 12: Place

Place the cactus

Step 13: Torch

Step 14: Wait

Step 15: Done!

Now you have an automatic cactus farm! You never need to replenish it because it replenishes it's self!!!
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