Easy Self Watering Planter Using Recycled Containers DIY


Introduction: Easy Self Watering Planter Using Recycled Containers DIY

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Click here to see all of my YouTube Videos - Here I am taking a 2 liter soda bottle and coffee can to make an easy self watering planter.



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    Thank you

    I'm with you there! I have a dog that's addicted to cashews. She prefers Planters or better yet, the ones from the health food store. I'll need a lot more clicks before she'll get the latter all the time!


    Sadly I don't have anything I need to be able to put some stuff up here, but I can't wait till I do. My ultimate addiction for cashews would have to be honey roasted :-P~ drool.

    You going to make a honey roast cashew instructable? Please?