This is SO easy guys!

You need:
2 silk scarves matching in size and color. (or at least size)
Sewing machine, or needle and thread.

Step 1: Wash Your Scarves

Here is a representation of my two scarves.
I got the plain one for about 1.50, and the flower one for about 2.00

I got home and washed them on delicate, then hung them to dry.
You then layer the scarves on top of each other, right sides facing in.
Great instructable! I think we currently live in the same city (I'm not from here and we won't always live here). Wanna collaborate on a project some time? I've got a bunch of random supplies (like some felted wool and cashmere sweaters from the thrift store).
Hi! I'm the worst, and I JUST saw this comment! Are you still near me?? Sorry about that!!
yeah, if you haven't moved :) I'll send you a message.<br><br><br>I'm hosting an instructables/Lumi build night at our local hackerspace in a couple weeks, by the way. I haven't invited anyone outside the members there yet, and I doubt many members will go because some of them consider screenprinting &quot;girly&quot; or &quot;crafty&quot; or something. Wanna come? Instructables already sent the stuff. I've got some yards of habotai silk we can try printing on, if you want to do something more interesting than cotton t-shirts.
Thank you for the easy to follow Instructable. I made this today with slight modifications. Since my material was stiff, the shoulder seams didn't lay like yours does, so I took them in on the top, and the neckline was a bit too close to my own neck, so I made a bit of a scoop in it. It makes a nice and EASY shirt for a beginner like me!
This is awesome. Very chic and almost Marimekko.
Hey congratulations on winning Scoochmaroo Challenge: Reuse!!!
Where did you get the scarfs? I tried a local outlet store but had no luck finding any scarfs under five dollars. I can go back but I think I could do it for less seeing as I am on a budget. Great project!
Adorable and so, so simple! I love it :)
I'm so excited to see this project here! I loved finding it on your blog. Thanks for joining us!
Love this! Those scarves were an awesome find.

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