Introduction: How to Make an Egg Cream Drink

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Smoothies are one of my favorite drinks. They are just so delicious! So one day I was thirsty for something... I don't know... CHOCOLATE! I was looking around for something I could have. I had ice cream but some strange waffle cone flavor. I could've also made a smoothie with peanut butter and banana, but quite frankly, I'm lazy! On that note, I searched the Internet and found a recipe for something called an egg cream. That's close enough to a smoothie, right? And it's chocolate! Following that, I made my own... And it was DELICIOUS!

Step 1: Your Friendly Neighborhood Ingrediants

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To make an egg cream you will need...

- unflavored seltzer
-milk of your choice
-chocolate syrup

Step 2: Pouring In!

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First, fill the glass halfway to the top with seltzer.

Step 3: Release the Milk

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Next, pour in your milk until the liquids reach the top, and stir well.

Step 4: Double, Double, Stir and Trouble

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For the final step just pour about two or three teaspoons of chocolate syrup into your glass, and stir well again. Now just stick a straw into your concoction and enjoy!


SkyProductions (author)2014-01-01

I know!

SkyProductions (author)2013-12-31

I just realized this: All of my food related Instructables have something to do with a fizzy drink!

Yeah, you always use soda water in your drink instructables or just soda!

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-25

DaRubberBandFan03, that great! And well... Also great!

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-25

DaRubberBandFan03, tell me what you think

It tastes great! Btw, when I opened my soda water it fizzed all over the place like a watergun!

DaRubberBandFan03 (author)2013-11-25

I don't have soda water or chocolate syrup! :( I'm going to store later and I can get some...

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