Picture of How To Make An Envelope
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This is my first instruct able since I created this account, but I have another one, starboy001. So look out for that and follow me.

For this instruct able, you need
Glue or tape
Your message

1. If you are working with rectangular paper, you might wanna look at this photos above.
Fold the square paper diagonally. Fold it in half, and bring the two triangles at the edge to meet. Glue or tape this.

2. Now, hold the paper as if you want to put your message in it. Fold the first slit downwards and glue or tape it.

3. Put your message in your new home-made, no cost, envelope.
Enjoy it!
starboy01 (author) 1 year ago
Sorry, I did it in the night
alcurb1 year ago
Cool, but do you have those pictures in better lighting? Those are way too dark to see what is going on.