Picture of CD Wreath
If you are of a certain age, and a certain demographic, you may remember making Christmas wreaths out of punch cards. (I can't remember a time when CDs weren't the preferred form of data storage, but my dad can...)
Sadly, those wreaths are long gone, but you can pay homage to this ancient tradition by creating your own, shinier, modern day version!

Step 1: First, Gather Your Materials.

Picture of First, Gather Your Materials.
To make this rainbow-y creation, you'll need some materials.

-Anywhere from 10-30 CDs, depending on the size of your ring.
-A wooden, plastic, or styrofoam ring, suitable for gluing stuff on.
-A Hot glue gun, with glue for it. (Although some strong regular glue would work almost as well)
-A hanger to hang the wreath on.
-A Festive Ribbon (Optional)
tattoo-lady9 months ago

I made this and put a picture in the middle as remembrance for my sister that passed away last month

Susitna10 months ago
If you use Amazing Goop Craft Adhesive, will probably never need to re-glue. I use it for PVC bird play pens, repairing broken tail lights, car grilles, dolls house furniture. Just don't use it for Styrofoam, ( it melts!). I have a booth in a flea market. In the summer temperatures are frequently above 100 degrees Fahrenheit when closed during the week. My sign letters would drop like flies. It's also waterproof.

shensala3 years ago
I am having trouble finding a craft ring to use for this project. Where did you find yours?
fegundez14 years ago
dollar store battery operated lights!!
DanWingo6 years ago
woohoo, go paul haha.
paulhogan (author)  DanWingo6 years ago
paulhogan (author) 6 years ago
Well, as everyone is saying this...
Yes, It would be pretty cool with lights!
I'm going to try that, as soon as I find a spare string. However, it is complicated by the fact that I don't have an outdoor plug, so it won't be happening too soon.
(Actually, there are lights peeking through the windows surrounding the door, but they don't reflect too much, and you can't see them in the photo.)
Loved it, made it, added a string of battery operated led lights left over from something else. Frakkin awesome. Thanks.
Phoghat Phoghat6 years ago
Wallgreens Drug used to sell the battery led lights. I bought a crapload after Christmas.
paulhogan (author)  Phoghat6 years ago
How did you add them? Just around, or poking through the holes, or shining through the CDs themselves? (Are super-bright LEDs bright enough to shine through? I want to know!)
Also... do you mean real Xmas lights, like you put on a tree, or do you mean the necklace things? My local drug store sells those for about a quarter!
They were small battery operated Christmas string light with about 20 lights all together. They are not too bright . I put them into the hole in the CD and sort of bent them down to contact the surface. The effect isn't great unless its dark.
paulhogan (author)  Phoghat6 years ago
Excellent! I'll have to get some and try it. If you could post a picture of what you did with your wreath, I'd be grateful.
zomfibame6 years ago
Paulhogan said "rainbowy-ness" ..... haa haaa, I love it.... I think that might be one of my new favorite words. The CD wreath IS cool, but I'm thinkin' it would be verrry cool with lights.
put christmas lights on it then it could glow in the dark
Chiana_Rei6 years ago
add a batt pack and some blinky leds for backlight, I might try that
ChrysN6 years ago
Wow, that's really eye-catching, cool idea.
paulhogan (author) 6 years ago
The photos don't really capture the full rainbowy-ness of it.
budsiskos6 years ago
ooooh shiney