How to Make an Eye Scanner and an Ear Piece


Introduction: How to Make an Eye Scanner and an Ear Piece

Adam shows you How To Make An Eye Scanner and An Ear Piece on a low buget.It is for filmaking,low or high budget.



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    His punch was too arched. the camera peron/table/tripod or what ever the camera was on had PLENTY of time to move out of the way. Also those things are called wire cutters and..................I'm just going to stop now.

    This is a really old video.

    why does everyone diss this guy?

    he's great!

    id like to know how to make a chainsaw

    That's actually electrical tape. Not duct tape.

    BTW its called a phillips screw driver I don't know why I only know the name!

    Nice....mad me think of indymogul when I saw it.