How to Make an Invisible Folder


Introduction: How to Make an Invisible Folder

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This instructable will teach you how to make an invisible folder. You can hide lots of things in it and nobody, but you!

NOTE: This instructable works for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. I'm not sure if this works for Windows 2000 and earlier (someone please help me on this.)

Step 1: Getting the Folder

1. right click on your desktop
2. go to "new"
3. click "folder"

a new folder should pop up...

Step 2: Making It Invisible!!!

1. right click on the folder
2. click on "properties"
3. click on "customize"
4. click on "change icon"
5. click on a blank space

it should be invisible...

Step 3: Finishing It Up (Optional)

NOTE: this is optional

making the words invisible:

1. go to properties
2. go to the rename box
3. hold ALT and press "0160" in the box (use a number pad)

Now you can hide all the stuff you want to in it!

Step 4: If You Have Vista

I just got vista not too long ago. I also found this annoying bug in vista. My invisible folders wont delete!

Here's what you do:

1. hold "shift" and "right-click" the desktop
2. click "open command window here"
the command prompt should open
3. type in:
ren "(hold alt and press 0160)" temp
4. move the folder into the recycle bin

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This one works great.

Do you know you can create a folder without any name ? for that follow this link

Thank you

If you use ALT + 255, you actually do hide the title of the folder. Alt + 160 gives you an accented a, not a blank.

You do realize that the file path is still visible when you do a search, don't you?

4 replies

shift+right click on desktop (or wherever your folder is) select "open command window here". then in the command window type: attrib "alt+0160" +s +h

and then press enter ...your folder will not be able to be found until you reverse the applied attribute.... example. attrib "" -s -h enter

hope thats understandlable ...cheers

I still cant find the folder even on my desktop its not there anymore

how does it not work? are you typing the numbers correctly? (you have to use the number pad not the numbers above the keys)

But what if you don't have a number pad, hmmm? What happens then?

then you most likely have a laptop!!! you would then use the FN button and since all keyboards are a little different check you're manual

do we have to press alt while pressing fn in the loptop

that helps a lot

I have a laptop, which means no number pad. How do I change the name so that it's invisible?

2 replies

I used on screen keyboard - Worked fine clicking Alt then 0160.