How To Make An Office Bow

Picture of How To Make An Office Bow
I've been wanting to try and make a bow out of a pen for a loooong time, so I finally decided to. its really easy to make, and it shoots pretty far.
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Step 2: Join And Insert The Paperclips

Picture of Join And Insert The Paperclips
Depending on how long your pen is, you may need more. But I used 3 paperclips. straighten the paperclips out, and then wrap the ends together to form a chain. now, insert the chain into the pen.

Step 3: Add A Rubber Band And You're Done!

Picture of Add A Rubber Band And You're Done!
Now, bend the ends of the paperclip so that you can add a rubber band. after you put the rubber band on, Bend the ends of the paperclips so the rubber band won't come off. it should have a small bit of space in between pen and the rubber band, and the rubber band should be good and tight. now, get a pencil (or the pen part from the inside), and fire! it shoots pretty far, and fast enough that my camera couldn't detect it with a motion sensor. It is hard to aim though, so use it in an open space. Things I've learned from this: Good rubber bands=deadly weapon in multiple ways. My sister managed to shoot me with a pen and It drew blood. She was right next to me though, I doubt it would have happened had she been further away.
farmerboyk (author) 12 months ago
Also, for better aiming, attach a binder clip in the middle. It boosts the accuracy a looot.
Gabi Polonsky5 months ago
I'm talking about your comment because I used a picture from a website.
Gabi Polonsky5 months ago
oh, I'm sorry I did not. I do not want to do bad to anyone and do not wish bad things to people. I'm not American and do not speak English so do not understand a lot of intructables. Sorry and have a nice day.

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