Have you ever wanted to make a homemade costume without paying for a very expensive costume, that is pre-made and looks beyond cheesy? Well, it will indeed cost money to make this costume, but it doesn't have the same insane price. With this instructabe will get an idea about making homade costumes in general, and specifically how to make an old fashioned oompah loompa costume! Are you ready?

Step 1: Getting the Materials:

For this costume you will need the following items:
Orange Face Paint
White Face Paint
White Gloves
A Green Wig (Or a black wig with green hair spray)
A Brown Turtle-Neck
Surgical Tape
Suspenders (White or Khaki)
White Scrubs
Long Brown Socks
And if you're going trick or treating:
A Pillow Case that says: Sugar- Because oompa loompas help make the candy.

Ha! My hall did this my freshman year of college! Excellent job :)
nice costume!<br />
Pretty awesome, my only suggestion would be to use a brighter orange. I don't know if the dark orange is closer to the original, but it's awfully close to &quot;blackface&quot; which might offend some.<br />

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