Introduction: How to Make an Omelet With Only One Egg.

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Step 1: Retrieve Egg

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Retrieve egg. ._.

Step 2: Put Egg Into Bowl.

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Crack egg into bowl and whisk.

Step 3: Add Ingredients

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Add salt, pepper, cheese (if you like), and other ingredients and/or spices you want to add. **I usually put chopped spinach and chopped turkey**

Step 4: Cook Omelet

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Pour mix into a small hot pan. Since we're only using one egg, a big pan is not necessary. Also, remember that this is an egg, so it will barely take any time at all to cook. If you're some sort of Spatula Guru, and you want to flip the omelet in half, then so be it. Otherwise, it's totally fine to just flip the omelet on its other side.


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that looks really good

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