Have you ever wondered how to make a tiny little box that you can put small items in, like office supplies? Well, now you can learn how by reading this instructable! I will teach you how to make an origami box out of two sheets of paper and two pieces of tape, (optional). You can also use one piece of paper to make a little container for stamps and other small things! This will save some money and space.

(1) finished box with bottom with nothing inside

(2-3) finished cover with office supplies inside

(4) finished box with bottom (decorated)

Note: the ordering of the steps is not right, so go to step 5 then step 1. I couldn't reorder it somehow just because there was some sort of exception... =U

Step 1: Making a Square Sheet Out of an 8 1/2 X 11 Inch Page

(1) just use a normal sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper; a blank one would be nice!

(2) next, take the top left corner of the page and fold it over onto the page just like the picture below

(3) make sure the corner is lined up directly with the edge of the page

(4) flip the page over (don't unfold the flap)

(5) fold the bottom flap, (the straight one), up so that it is like the picture(s) below

(6) you can flip the whole page over to check if the diagonal edges are perfectly lined up with the folded over flap; this is a very good idea if you terribly mess up!

(7) unfold everything so the page is laid out like the picture below

(8-9) to cut, or rip, the bottom flap off, you will have to keep folding the flap over and over again until it is weak enough to be torn off by hand

(10) if you don't want to risk the chance of ripping the page, you can use scissors! just cut along the straight line

(11) oops!

(12) this is your finished product!
<p>how big was the box </p>
<p>how big was the box </p>
Can the paper be 8in by 11in?
I SUBED to u!That`s so AWESOME!I`m going to make it.
I usually make the bottom first, that way you can fold the cover around it to make sure it fits properly. A slightly smaller piece of paper of a contrasting color looks best for the lid.
nice idea... very smart! =D<br/>
Nice Instructable! I might do this for my electronic stuff.. like components and stuff like that. Nice job!
thanks! my first comment! =D<br/>

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