Picture of How To Make An Origami Cup
This is an origami paper cup. The purpose of this cup was on those hot summer days in September when you just start school. The teachers have no plumbing in our portables, so they have arrowhead water dispensers. They have a spot for cups, but what do you know, NO CUPS!!! I asked my teacher several times to replace the cups. He said he would but always forgot about it. My friend and I, decided to take action. We made various models, but this one I'm posting is the best in; water capacity, paper usage and looks. It even has a cup holder! YES THIS CUP ACTUALLY WORKS!!! Have fun and please don't copy my instructable or take credit for coming up with it (except focus finder) :~) I give 50% of the credit to KnexGunFan.

P.S. I am aware of this paper cup,

but I have been making these cups for three years! Please don't say i copied them =~) And he gave me permission to post this one.

P.P.S. Mine is a little different.

P.P.P.S. It's a blast to shoot at them with airsoft, paintball, knex or real guns.
If i make any spelling mistakes or leave anything uncler, please tell me. Thank you and don't forget to rate!
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Step 1: Getting Your Materials

For this cup you will need:

1* sheet of paper (preferably printer paper)
A piece of tape (for the cup holder)
A flat surface
two hands (preferably paper cut proof lol!)

*You can use a double lay or two sheets of paper for extra strength.

Step 2: Shaping the paper

Picture of Shaping the paper
These first few steps will show how to shape up the paper.

Photo 1: Find your flat surface.
Photo 2: Lay your paper flat.
Photo 3: Fold the paper as shown and be neat!
Photo 4: Crease and unfold.
Photo 5-6: Flip the paper around and rip off or cut the end strip off.
Photo 7: Fold back
Photo 8: Fold across as shown (some later adjustment may be needed.)
Photo 9: Fold the other side like photo 7.
Photo 10: Fold the flaps down.
Ladyfish5002 months ago

XD I just read the it's not your turn in the one pic oh my goodness that's so funny cant stop laughing ( on the inside lol )

Hey Iknow a better way!Do the same step`s but when yourn done,cut a little strip that fit`s under it. Put tape on it you`ll be sure for so it dose`nt leak!(I Used Construction Paper)
nobear5 years ago
some of you guys should try mine its called papercup water bomb its by no bear
You don't need a piece of tape for the last step. Here's how I did it: - Take your long strip of paper and place it down so it's landscape in front of you. - take the bottom edge and fold it roughly into the middle - take the top edge and fold it so that it's roughly near the bottom - Take the left edge, and fold one corner up, so you made a triangle out of that edge - Pick the page up, and curl the edges together - feed the triangled edge into the opening on the other side You could also pinch a fold or two in your ring, to help it not unfurl so much. It's not as good as tape for resisting weight and water, but it works.
GENIUS!!5 years ago
i gota cp for my crackers thanx!! i gave it 5.0 :)
Mintyhippo (author) 7 years ago
Thanks everyone for your comments! =~)
no offense, but you asked 2 know if anything is spelled wrong and you spelled UNCLEAR wrong. just thought you'd like 2 know!!! P.S. Rating from 1-10: 15!!! ;)
this is very useful and I give it... 5*s I love this thing!
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
double or triple it up for more strength
freakinslop6 years ago
this is the awesome =D
tetris6 years ago
hat is pretty cool. Because i hate drinking out of the fountain at school and it would really help.
KnexGunFan7 years ago
thanks for the credit on teachin you :P
I would use a cup becouse it holds water for MORE than two. WHY DID YOU POST THIS?????
Mintyhippo (author)  cstrike pwner7 years ago
did you read why i built it at the top of the page?
I make these for holding the candies from the dispensers that give you lots of little hard candies but no cup. It works really well, and you can make it out of a handy napkin.
Great job MintyHippo guy, I shall fill it up with egg yolk, and throw it at somebody's house. Just kidding, nice job. :P
thebboy7 years ago
ya i know i hate when we run out of cups. First comment.