How to Make an Ornament



Introduction: How to Make an Ornament

Step 1: In the Beginning…

Take a blank sheet of paper and fold it longways.

Step 2: The Next Step!

Now fold that paper in half so you have a small square.

Step 3: Taking Steps

Now fold that square into an even smaller rectangle, like a door!

Step 4: Taking Bigger Steps…

Now unfold that rectangle and you should have your sheet of paper with eight rectangles! Almost like magic!

Step 5: The Tricky Part

Now, you fold that into a hamburger

Step 6: The Real Tricky Part

OK, now take your paper with the fold facing towards you, cut along that fold and to the centre point of the page.

Step 7: Difficulty…

Fold your paper longways again and push in so the cut you just made looks like a square.

Step 8: Running Out of Titles

Now push in on the square and fold all flaps together.

Step 9: Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue

Find a short Christmas story or poem online and copy it on to your booklet but leave the front cover for a nice picture, not that you can't add smaller pictures inside!

Step 10: String It Up

Add some string and hang on be Christmas tree!



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