Picture of How To Make An iPod Dock Free!
Hello I'm Going To Tell You How To Make A iPod Dock Free No Cost!!!

Here is what you need:
iPod Dock (Little Wight Thing That Comes With iPod When Bought)
USB iPod Connector To Computer
A Rubber Band
A Computer (Sorry But Laptops Wont Work)
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Step 1: 1.First Step

Picture of 1.First Step
First If You Have A iPod Case Your Going To Have To Take It Off.

Step 2: 2.Rubber band and USB

Picture of 2.Rubber band and USB
Take The Rubber band And Rap The it Around The iPod Connector You Use To Connect To iPod As Tight As You Can so The Two Side Buttons Are Being Pushed At All Times.

Step 3: 3.iPod, Little Dock And USB

Picture of 3.iPod, Little Dock And USB
Put The iPod In The Slot And Connect The iPod Cord Through The Other End

Step 4: 4.CD Drive And USB

Picture of 4.CD Drive And USB
Slip The USB Side Down The Middle Of The Hole In The CD And/Or DVD Drive.

Step 5: 5.Lean, Connect, Done!

Picture of 5.Lean, Connect, Done!
Set The iPod Dock On The CD And/Or DVD Drive And Lean It Against Your Computer And Plug Your USB Side into Your Computer.  Forchenetly  i Have A USB Slot In The Front Of My Computer But The Good News is That The iPod Cord Can Still Reach To The back.
MegaMaker5 years ago
Just plug in the iPod... it works just as well.
Brandon45 (author)  MegaMaker5 years ago
Yeah but you can SET IT UP STRAIT ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!
This would be useful if: you can't bend a paperclip into a dock, don't have some index cards, have a disk drive, or can't look at Instructables for better iPod docks.
Brandon45 (author)  MegaMaker5 years ago
You Didn't Even Read it DID YOU!!! STUPID!!!!
I read it. That's how I know that this is a terrible idea. What are you saying that I didn't read?
eddy147775 years ago
Not to be rude this is as inventive as a box of rocks
+ More creative versions of this exact idea has been created a few times on this website.
Brandon45 (author)  Simons_Pure5 years ago
Please give me the websites of these instructables if you cant do that then WHY DO YOU POST!!!!!!!
Brandon45 (author)  eddy147775 years ago
Im Sorry to hear you say that please leave a comment on how i can improve it and if you cant think of one then that means your as INVENTIVE AS A BOX OF ROCKS TOO!!!!!!!
tbone1215 years ago
what if i want to use my cd drive while the ipods pluged in
Brandon45 (author)  tbone1215 years ago
You Have 2 Options Unplug it Temporarily and then when you want to use it just pug it back in. Your second Option is (if you have one) just use your second CD and/or DVD Drive.