How to Make Arepas "Corn /Cakes" With Chocolate. Drink





Introduction: How to Make Arepas "Corn /Cakes" With Chocolate. Drink

my Fellow Instructables.

This is The Way That I Make Arepas. Using Maiz Flower. And Chocolate Drink.

Two Cups of Water.. Two Cups Of Maiz Meal

Salt..   1/4 Cup Of Butter.

Mix All Until You Get A Nice Roll That doest Not Stick To Your Hands.

Cut Roll About 1/2 Inch Think  ,

Make  A Small Ball  And Then Flatten it  Using The Palm Of Your Hands, Be Gentle With it.

Or You Could Use a Ring To Make The Arepa . The thick ness is All Up to You.

If They Are Getting Too dry Wet Your Hands,  You Could Bake Them  ...

I Fry Mine using About 3 Table Spoons Of Oil.  
Cook Them Until They Are Golden.About 15 to 20 minutes one Side, Then Flip them Over.

Cook For 15 Minutes.

Then To Cut them In Half  Butter a Knife So The Inside Does not Stick To The Blade.

Fill the arepa With Cheese, Bacon,Ham, Egg,

And Enjoy.......

To Make the Chocolate Drink Boil 4 Cups Of Water. Place 4 to 5 Bars Of Chocolate. You Could Find this At Any Spanish Section Of Your super Market.

Mix Until All The Chocolate has melted.

Mix with a Bit of Milk.   And Have A Great Break fast.



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