How to Make Auto-Igniting Fire Arrows




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Introduction: How to Make Auto-Igniting Fire Arrows

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I was thinking to myself a while ago that it would be really cool if I could launch steel wool high into the air to create a fiery comet effect. As I was pouring over ideas I thought, why not just make fire arrows? It turned out to be quite simple.



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    Nope, no video here either. Sounds like an awesome idea. Hope you get the video on here for us to see

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    I don't know if there is a video attached, but I don't see anything except for a picture and just and intro. Is it because I'm using iOS?

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    I don't know. The new Instructible creator is worthless. The video is there for me, but when creating the article I had to delete the video and thumbnail several times before I could get it to work right. That may have caused issues.

    I'm halfway through a video detailing this same process! Great minds think alike. ;-)