How to Make Awesome Caramel in a Can


Introduction: How to Make Awesome Caramel in a Can

You just have to try this one,
its so easy and it tastes sooo
good its unreal,

if you dont have the money for
expensive caramel, definitely go
for this

Just watch the video :)

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    In France, it's not called Caramel but "confiture de lait" (milk jam) because it's not the same thing.

    use it on waffles, or on "crêpes", it's delicious...

    I've seen this before. However, I recommend that you tell people to NOT allow the water level to drop below the top of the can. This can cause the can to explode while heating.

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    Yes, it is delicious. But I suggest you leave it boiling 20 minutes more.
    And you can do the tasty dulce de leche with the following recipe:

    3 liters milk (any fresh milk will work)
    1 Kg white sugar
    1/2 teaspoon baking soda

    Warm the milk in a big pot, dissolve the sugar and the baking soda, and boil it for 3 hours.
    Warning, the milk wants to rise and go out the pot when it boils. You must choose the best flame to avoid that.

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    Wait until it be cold before tasting!