How To Make Awesome Rainbow Cupcakes

This Instructable will show you how to make awesome rainbow cupcakes that not only look good but taste good too! Your friends will only think it took you forever to make these cupcakes. Only you will know that it did not take all day to make them.

Step 1: Gather everything you will need in one place

Picture of Gather everything you will need in one place
To make awesome rainbow cupcakes you'll need the following:
  • White cake mix (make sure it is not yellow or it will distort the colors)
  • White frosting
  • Water
  • eggs or egg substitutes (egg whites)
  • Food coloring (green, yellow, red, blue)
  • Butter/ vegetable oil/shortening
  • Large six tin muffin pan
  • Cupcake liners
  • Plastic containers to separate batter
  • Mixer or spoon to hand mix batter
I'm so going to make these next time I make cupcakes! Oh, but did you know this? If you put the icing in an icing bag or a sandwich bag with a hole cut in the corner, it's easier to dole out batter. I've used this technique every time I've made cupcakes and it's never let me down!
if you got the message please sorry about that.
Solskinner (author)  KwartzKitten3 years ago
Kwartzkitten, glad you stopped by and I am glad you liked the cupcakes! I did know the tip about icing in a ziplock bag but I have only tried it with icing I have made myself which is a bit more pliable than the stuff I had. I was using a store bought tub of icing and that stuff is SUPER  THICK. But now that I think about it,  I could microwave a bit of the store bought stuff and THEN put it in a ziplock!

BTW, if you make them, please post a pic!
Okay, no problem! But I realize now that I mistyped. I meant if you put the batter in an icing bag, it was easier to dole out batter. That ought to teach me to proofread more!
Solskinner (author)  KwartzKitten3 years ago
Now batter in an icing bag, now that is genius. Thanks for sharing. I'll be doing that next time.
Just glad I could help.
JustPrism3 years ago
What have you done to Dashie!?

Either way, really awesome.
i like your picture.
Jakwiebus3 years ago
rainbow foods are so popular these days :D really awesome!
I guess this doesn't work with chocolate dough? :(
now the very hard decision, rainbow cupcakes or chocolate cupcakes :o
Solskinner (author)  Jakwiebus3 years ago
Well, you could mix chocolate in the mixture in the same way the food coloring is added so you'd get swirls of chocolate.
Jakwiebus3 years ago
pic3: like a piece of modern art :D
Solskinner (author)  Jakwiebus3 years ago
Yes, it does look like modern art. That is, art you can eat. ;-)
cmike13 years ago
im trying them right now will post a pic when there out of the oven :) So excited
Solskinner (author)  cmike13 years ago
That's so cool. Post a picture when you are done!
HthrTz3 years ago
Yum, looking at this makes my mouth water, I can't wait to try!!
Solskinner (author)  HthrTz3 years ago
Post a picture and let me know how they are!
Solskinner (author)  Traci Rankins3 years ago
Thank you!
FlutterTree3 years ago
A dash of rainbow in every bite.
Solskinner (author)  FlutterTree3 years ago
Solskinner (author)  FlutterTree3 years ago
roboman73 years ago
This brings up a bad memory of a certain fanfic...
Either way cool 'ible!
Solskinner (author)  roboman73 years ago
Thank you and do tell about the fanfic...
boygenuis323 years ago
I'm going to make some of these to take to school with me. I have a friend who's a big MLP fan, and combining these with the fact that he has read cupckes, I think it will be hilarious.
Solskinner (author)  boygenuis323 years ago
If you do make them, please post a picture. I would love to see them!

Disclaimer: No MPLs were harmed to make these cupcakes, especially Rainbow Dash. :-0
Solskinner (author)  Solskinner3 years ago
Wait, I meant MLPS. :0
REA3 years ago
No! What have you done to Rainbow Dash!!!
Anyway, these look very delicious! I might try to make these when nave the time.
bronieblaze REA3 years ago
I had just repressed the memory of that abomination, and then I saw the preview picture.
Solskinner (author)  bronieblaze3 years ago
Whew, that was close! Rainbow Dash is still alive and kickin'.
Solskinner (author)  REA3 years ago

glad you like them and go ahead and make them, I dare you! :-)
AntonioMDC3 years ago
great instructible. everystep so clearly documented--I feel like I've made these before already thank you. can't wait till my nieces and nephews visit and give me an excuse to try them out.
Solskinner (author)  AntonioMDC3 years ago
AntonioMDC, glad you liked the Instructable. Please post a picture when you make them, would love to see how they turn out.