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Now who doesn't like bacon? This easy recipe will have your lips tasting like bacon in no time, to complete the lip balm will take approximately 15 minutes. It makes enough of just over one stick of bacon lip balm.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
• An unused candle
• Bacon
• Vaseline
 • An old lip balm container (optional)

• An old plastic pot
• A knife
• Something to stir it with
• A plastic bag
• A piece of wax paper
• A kettle 

I made this and subsituted the candle wax for beeswax. It came out AMAZING. It tastes like bacon meat, and does not irritate my lips, cause any acne or breakouts or any other adverse effect. Of course this may vary depending on your skin type -I have had my tube for going on 5 weeks and the bacon fat has not turned rancid and the balm is just as good as it was on the day I first made it.

You add in the wax\Vaseline base to the tube first, then fill the rest up with the bacon oil. It does take about a day for the flavor to fully set and develop.

This is an amazing tutorial, so thank you mangoking!! I will be making many presents with it :)
AmyLuthien4 years ago
AH HA HA HA! Good one! My dogs like to give me kisses already, they'd go ballistic if I started tasting like bacon too XD
mholliday4 years ago
wow... thats neato. what about a taco smelling one though. or a pizza one. or like something really yummy smelling.
Chenkar5 months ago
Makin bacon right now! gave me the idea to google this. I will definitely make a batch when I get my bee keeping summer job back XD
momoluv2 years ago
I just made this so cool

Anna Logg2 years ago
But isn't the constant lick-off and reapply counterproductive?
I made another batch of this today, and a challenge I am finding to this recipe is that the beeswax and Vaseline mixture hardens FAST! It seems to go almost solid in just a couple of seconds of sitting. I strongly recommend when you are adding the beeswax mixture and bacon oil to the mixing container (or the "old plastic container" as noted in this instructable), that you add the bacon oil first to the container and the beeswax second. Quickly stir it up and you should be well on the road to a great tube of lip balm! Once again, awesome tutorial mangoking!
hpankhurst2 years ago
WOOOAAAHHHH! i'm a lipbalm fanatic and i have many cool flavours BUT THIS is just AWESOMEEE!!! you are so creative!! i will DEFINITELY try this!!!!

one question though, can you just use Vaseline and omit the beeswax?
please reply
mangoking (author)  hpankhurst2 years ago
the beeswax basically holds the whole thing together and kinda stops it going into a gooey mess :)
issie3 years ago
Putting bacon grease on your lips is the same as fat in the pan, to the sun. You will cook your lips. Might be better to skip that part.
If you want to see how it turned out for me check out my Facebook:


I've posted pictures on the timeline of how it came out.
Since the balm is so fatty with oils and such, it seems to me that if you have sensitive skin, acne can develop around the lips.
hkalisiak4 years ago
Speaking as someone who makes both candles and lip balm for a living, please don't use a candle to make lip balm!! At the very least, get some paraffin wax that's food safe (it should be in the canning section of the grocery store - although you shouldn't use it for canning - and afterwards you can use some to make buckeyes, yum) or some food grade beeswax. Just not candle wax - it's not skin safe, it's not food grade, even if you're making it for yourself, be nicer to your body.
conman7114 years ago
what happens when the bacon fat becomes rancid?
That's why I haven't made this yet. I'm hoping someone can find out whether or not it will go bad.
mangoking (author)  jadink964 years ago
it has been 3 weeks the lip balm is still fine to use.
Oh cool, sorry i didn't answer. But thank you!
Oops, I thought you were replying to someone else.
Candles can have contaminants including lead. Cool project though.
pingeee4 years ago
I just think any normal unused candle might not be too suitable for the skin. They might have some harmful impurities as it is not designed for lip balm purposes. Other than that it's cool.
Yeah, beeswax would probably be better.
StuNutt4 years ago
I know it's contra to the principles of Instructables, but you can actually buy it ready-made from the Bacontrepreneurs at www.baconsalt.com

(UK/European mail order www.crazy4flavour.co.uk)
Ysabeau4 years ago
I just wonder if bacon lip balm is glamourous.
StuNutt Ysabeau4 years ago
I think that may depend on your boyfriend . . . . Ah, but what MAN doesn't like the taste of BACON - Go For It!
cirvine4 years ago
grandmaruth4 years ago
why not get a plain tube of lip balm, scoop it out mush in some bacon fat and put back in the tube....
You should try this with maybe paraffin or beeswax, it would probably be better for your skin. Other than that, the instructable is excellent and it probably tastes awesome :D Very good idea.
mangoking (author)  frankenstella4 years ago
Candles are usually made from a blend of bees wax and paraffin wax.
mrmerino4 years ago
nice camera!
ToniRose4 years ago
Sounds great, but doesn't this have the potential to make you very sick?
Emsaid4 years ago
Nice! but how much bacon grease/oil do you add to the rest of the stuff?