Picture of How To: Make Bath Bombs
Everybody loves bath bombs. It is like taking a bath in champagne, only without the show tunes and chorus boys. They are fairly simple to make, keeping in mind that the strangest things can make a batch go weird; humidity, room temperature, oil viscosity, the moon rising in the seventh house of Aquarius . . . they are a mysterious wonder.
For this recipe, I am using ingredients that are pretty common, or easy to find in most areas. Essential oils can be found in small amounts at places like health food stores and craft stores often carry essentials and fragrances. Just make sure, if you buy fragrance oil, that you are buying "body safe" oils and not stuff for candles or oil warmers.
So, let's start with a basic recipe in two parts.
Dry ingredients: (By Weight, as measured on a scale.)
  • Baking Soda - 8 ounces
  • Citric Acid - 4 ounces
  • Corn Starch - 4 ounces
  • Salts - 4 ounces ( in these pictures, I used Dead Sea Salts, but mineral salts work too, and are easier to find and significantly less expensive.)
Wet Ingredients:
  • Water - .75 tbsp
  • Essential or Fragrance Oil - 2 tsp (for these I used a Ginger Peach.)
  • Oil - 2.5 tbsp (I used cherry kernel, but any light vegetable oil will work.)
  • Food coloring - 1 or 2 drops. (Your color will look very dark in the emulsion, but will be light in the fizzies, so as to not leave rings around the tub. For this batch I used one drop red and two drops yellow. The final result will be very light peach.)
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Step 1: Blend the Dry Ingredients

Picture of Blend the Dry Ingredients
Begin by putting all of your dry ingredients into a big bowl. Glass is best because it is non-reactive. Whisk or pestle those pesky clumps out. You want a fairly smooth consistency throughout the entire mix.
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Pikacindy made it!2 months ago

This is my first time making bath bomb and although I made a huge mess in the kitchen, seeing the result really is worth it, thank you for sharing the recipe!!!! :)

2014-08-29 21.29.34.jpg
SoapyHollow (author)  Pikacindy20 days ago

These are awesome! Go you!

Hey guys, these are great! I made them yesterday and have packaged them up for my girlfriend this morning! Isn't she lucky it was raining yesterday and I couldn't work :P
I used 2 pairs of measuring spoons to form the molds, they worked well once I had the right consistency. I just forced them together to form a sphere. A 1 Tbsp one for the big ones, 1.5tsp for the medium, and 1/4tsp for the tiny ones.
Over here in a country town in New Zealand, its hard to find the right fragrance oils that are safe for skin. I know I could of ordered online, but it was a matter of now or never,  So while wondering what I could use to add some scent, I remembered how much my gf liked my CK cologne, so just cracked open my bottle of that, and poured about 2tsp of the stuff in. Didn't like being with the water much, but guess it was similar to oil.
Here's a couple of pics, Hope you like them.

they look really cool my mum ordered molds online ages ago and we're making the stuff today
SoapyHollow (author)  Aislinn4 years ago
Sweet! I'd love to see pics when you're done! :)
WOW...that is too cute!!! she"s lucky :)
SoapyHollow (author)  himynameisandy4 years ago
Gorgeous! Go you!
the Secrets of eden ( sells essential oils internationally!
Very pretty and nice job.  thank you for sharing that you used cologne.  I've wondered if it could be used but haven't done a project yet that would let me find out.  You have inspired me!
backcountry5 years ago
OK, here they are! I bought 4 of these molds and one batch filled them with a little to spare. I started early for Valentine's Day so I had time to screw up a couple of batches, but I think these are going to be fine as. Peppermint. Maybe I'll make one more different batch. What about glycerin instead of oil, would that work? I used almond oil, but I wasn't really happy with it.
SoapyHollow (author)  backcountry5 years ago
Those are gorgeous! Word of caution: eucalyptus, peppermint/spearmint/wintergreen type oils in a bath product may give you the ability to levitate and walk on water. (Don't ask how I know...well, you could's a pretty funny story.) Suffice it to say that girly bits and tingly can be a bit, erm...intense. ;) Also, I don't know if you have an Ikea near you, but they make the grooviest silicon icecube trays in various shapes; one of which is hearts. I've used their trays over and over for bombs, traditional soap and glycerin soap and they just last and last. They're cheap and durable. Yay!
i planned on making these for my sister as a birthday present and was hoping to make them peppermint b/c that's her fave smell... what exactly does the "levitation" thing mean...? sorry if i'm just not getting it... :-/
Here's one for you, I made bath salts and you add epsimons salt, could I put that in the bath bomb mix? Or will I blow up ha ha ! Not sure how to spell that salts hope you can read it
SoapyHollow (author)  susie-q5 years ago
Probably. :) Epsom salts are mineral salts. I'm not sure what else you put in the bath salt mix, but it should probably work.
Oh my, I am so glad you mentioned that about peppermint! I've been "stung" by Dr. Brommers before, I should have known better. Now I know I have to make another batch with a different oil. One thing I like about these molds is that ice cube trays would make half hearts (they're flat on one side). These are snap-together, two piece molds. They make full 3d hearts, which I think is cool. I thought they might break apart unsnapping or trying to pry them out of these molds. But no problem, they plopped right out.
SoapyHollow (author)  backcountry5 years ago
Oh cool!
where did you get theose heart molds? They are cute!! I just googled 'fillable plastic hearts' and started clicking. The ones I got are 80 mm (the medium size). In retrospect, they're pretty big, I'd recommend going with the small ones.
soonersseth6 years ago
Great Instructable my mom liked her birthday present
great birthday present idea.... I'd do it too if I could drive to a store to get all the oils and such. "hey mom, can you drive me to the store?" "why?" "to get essential oils." "....why?" ".......because they're essential."
SoapyHollow (author)  codongolev6 years ago
Hee! :)
SoapyHollow (author)  soonersseth6 years ago
Those are so fabulous! Go you!
dianas11 month ago

I made bath bombs using that recipe few times and they came out good. My problem is that after few weeks they don`t smell good anymore. Why do they lose the scent?

I`ve tried it with eo and fo. same result

SoapyHollow (author)  dianas120 days ago

That is all down to the fragrance oil or essential oil used. Some oxidize and disappear faster than others. I have rose balls that I made a decade ago that still smell fine, (I keep one in the lab, just so I can document how long it lasts and how long its scent will read on the spectrometer.) But I've made some with things like ylang ylang oil that are only good for a couple of weeks.

JulietJinxx27 days ago

I was wondering if you could use shower & bath oil for the oil or does it need to be almond oil or so on?

SoapyHollow (author)  JulietJinxx20 days ago

Without knowing the formulation of the oil, and thereby knowing how much of it is water and not oil, I can't really advise specifically. However, it couldn't hurt to try a small batch and see what happens. :)

DanaraeS20 days ago

Has anyone tried using surgar instead of salt? I have very very dry skin and salt is terrible for my skin. Will it turn into a mushy mess if you use sugar? Also, can I use ground up oatmeal in place of baking soda, or is that necessary?

SoapyHollow (author)  DanaraeS20 days ago

Sugar will dissolve, it will not work in this formulation. Baking soda is part of the chemistry, removing it will make the bath bombs not activate. I have an instructable where I make oatmeal bath melts, you might want to try those instead of these. :)

DanaraeS20 days ago

Why can't you use grape seed oil? That's amazing stuff! Much better for your skin then veggie oil.

SoapyHollow (author)  DanaraeS20 days ago

You can use any oil you want. :)

Where do you get good round molds?

How long do theses need to dry before use?

Mompsych10 months ago

I found citric acid at walmart, and Dead Sea salts at whole foods, as cheap as it was online!!!

Thank you for a great tutorial, your son is so cute too!
I like the Bath cookie mold you used as well. What type of mold is that?
I found some fortune cookie molds from this shop:

I never made bombs or soaps but I'm loading up on supplies and found this tutorial! Hope that helps :)
SoapyHollow (author)  NHGiftBaskets3 years ago
It's a custom made mold I had made for someone's wedding was years ago, and the company is out of business, but I'll ask my other mold makers if they have something similar.
Linda871 year ago
I found using Sweet Almond Oil works best. But when I'm in a hurry I usually buy them. The best bath bombs I found was from
How could you preserve them to last longer?
mehlani1 year ago
Thanks for posting this always wanted to try! Nicely written as well.
could you use an Easter egg
Vorzheva2 years ago
istead of melting vicks try keeping it natural using a "snuffly" combination of essential oils that i got from a book with bath melters recipe. For 20 drops of oils per 5oz of product I use:
2 drops of ginger
5 drops of eucalyptus
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