For a fun and easy craft on a rainy or snowy day, get your glue gun, some old, recycled, reusable, or even new 3 or 4 inch tiles and make a pair (or more) of bookends. The tiles are very dense materials so the bookends are quite heavy and able to support large books.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

All you really need is the tile and a glue gun.  Embellishments and or decorations are optional, and these can be unlimited as you will see.
wow dats kewl !!!<br /> i ll try it thx a lot :D<br />
Way cool. I have needed bookends for my mantle for so long. GREAT instructable.
Thank you. Cman<br />
so for one bookend, &nbsp;you have four on the bottom, and four for the side is that right?
If 3 inch tiles are used, it's best to use 4 on each &quot;leg&quot; of the bookend, I believe. The one I&nbsp;made with the 4 inch tile only needed 2 on each leg. Thanks for your question. Cman<br />
A lot of tiles are so nice that further decoration would be a shame. I would glue a piece (or four tiny pieces) of thin leather underneath to protect the shelves - nothing else if the tiles are nice.
You're right, HM, that's a good idea re: the leather. Cman<br />
&nbsp;I can't believe I have actually paid for book ends (in the past), great idea Cman!
Thanks Ninzerbean...Cman<br />
&nbsp;This is a great idea after a tile project. You always either have too few or way too many - it would definitely help turn the leftovers into something useful. :)
Hey, thanks jesse: My tiling days are over, but you are right: whenever I would do a project, the directions always said &quot;add 10 to 15%&quot; to your order...just in case. well I always ended up with too many. Do you suppose the tile co.s had a stake in the directions? But then I'm cynical....Cman<br />
I know where to pick up an abandoned car-battery, you're making me thing of lead... thanks.<br /> <br /> L<br /> <br /> Nice book-ends<br />
Huh? I don't get the reference to a car battery.....but thanks for the compliment, anyway.<br />
You've got the weight you need for book-ends, in thinking of heavy-stuff you might not think of using for book-ends you got me thinking about lead-electrodes.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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