What you need!
1. Any type of paper
2. Cutting board or a piece of cardboard
3. Ruler
4. Template
5. Exacto knife or blade

Step 1: Step 1.

Take any piece of paper, your template, your ruler, and your cutting board and exacto knife and place your template over the piece of paper

Step 2: Step 2.

Put the ruler on the edge of the template and use your knife to cut it but remember to remove your template before you cut.

Step 3: The End!

There you go now you have colorful bookmarks!!
Thanks Greg Kara
Thanks for the tip! But for this instructable I decided to pick one color I want but I thought of that thanks for the tip!
<p>thanks for share. You could add some details more , like double colour bookmarks . or with shapes glued on , like stars triangles etc. Thanks again</p>
Thank you!
<p>Nice and simple! Thanks for sharing your first instructable.</p><p>Welcome to the best site on the internet!</p>
This is my first instructable so hope you like it :)!

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