Picture of How To Make Bow Bun For Short Hair Style
Bow Bun For Short Hair Style Tutorial For Beginners!!!!! Very very easy way of tying up that short hair. Are you thinking of a pony tail or a simple bun?
Let us try something different a bun....but a very cute and chic - BOW BUN. It seems a tough one to do when you watch it but it is really really very easy when you do. So try it and you will see...
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Step 1: Comb you hairs properly

Picture of Comb you hairs properly
Comb your hair and make them smooth tangle free. Just make sure there are no knots.

Step 2: Grab your hair in high pony.

Picture of Grab your hair in high pony.
Grab your hair in high pony. Take elastic and take out your hair like you normally do for a pony.You can grab your hair anywhere like on the crown or lower than the crown basically depending on where you want the bow.

Step 3: Make a bow

Picture of Make a bow
When you are taking your hair out of band for the last twist do not just take the hair all the way through. Create a loop and leave some of the hair under the band as shown. This is the step that makes all the difference just so easy and so simple.

Step 4: Make loops

Picture of Make loops
Now divide this loop into two equal loops. Take the hair under the band and pull it upwards through the centre of the two loops and after a slight twist neatly secure the hair with bobby pins. Use bobby pins according to your hair. Just make sure that the hair is secure.

Step 5: Finalise the look

Picture of Finalise the look
Adjust hair loops with your hands and comb for that perfect bow shape and then use a hair spray This will provide a hold to your up do.Finish off the hair style with a flower or any accessory you like. You can keep it simple also just a bow bun......................
anita rani1 year ago
Very cute and Awesome Hair Style.
wanna try this