How to Make Bows!!





Introduction: How to Make Bows!!

A fun and cute way to wear and make bows, out of hair ties!! No glue tape or anything! A fast and easy way to wear.

Step 1: 8 Twist

All you need is a simple colored hair tie, then your going to put (twist) it so that if looks like a 8.

Step 2: 1 Small Loop

When you have put your hair tie looking like a 8, then put it up into one smaller loop.

Step 3: Pulling the Other Side

When you have put it into a smaller loop then before, grab the other side and pull the two until it looks like a bow.

Step 4: Adjusting It

Then when you're done and the bow is twisted somewhere else, one big loop one small, or not the shape you were expecting, just pull the loops to make them smaller or bigger, and if its curved just pull it back or put something on it.

Step 5: Bobby Pining

If you want to put this in your hair, apply a bobby pin at the back of the bow. And that is it!!!!! Hope you enjoy your hair tie bow!! Try it out C:



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    Cool! I'll upload a photo of mine tomorow!!

    How about adding a wire to the tie to shape it and the wrapping string and ribbon around it in various ways to make it extra cute?

    Yes, just pull one of the loops and it will untie, and thanks :D