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Surfing online, I found these instructions: How To Braid 5 Stand Bread.

I tried this technique using ribbon but it didn't turned out pretty so I changed "side strand over middle stands" to "side strand over then under middle stands". Here is what I got. Just following the step by step instruction below to make one yourself.

What you need: 5 x 24" long 3/8" ribbon, D-ring, fabric-tac, glue gun, braided headband base (or you can wrap 1" plastic headband with 3/8" ribbon), sissors.

Step 1: Step 1

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Secure 5 strands of ribbon on a D-ring. Then hang/tie D-ring somewhere so both of your hands are free to braid/weave. I'll name these 5 strands from left to right: SUPER DOTS, LOLLIPOP, SOLID, SWISS DOTS and STRIPES. The basic technique is to braid side strands OVER, then UNDER. When braiding, the printed ribbon is always face up.
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