How To Make Bread (without a bread machine)


Step 4: Let it rise...

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let the dough rise in a warm place for about 45 minutes to an hour. the dough should be about doubled in size by the time it's finished.
kagera5 years ago
 best way to rise the dough, is it put it in your oven, with a Pyrex container filled with boiling water. It gives it the perfect temp and humidity.

I just put my tea kettle on before i start kneading. 
great tip!
bananite6 years ago
Ah, I forgot the "in a warm place" part and let it sit in the cold kitchen for 45 minutes (its winter here...). It didn't rise at all. However, I just stuck it in the oven (warmed to 100-115 degF) for another hour, and it was fine. Great recipe!
well, if thats the case then EVERYBODY SKIP THE WARM PLACE PART!

skandi4 years ago
Am at this step right now and am using Indian wheat flour (not sure if it's the same as bread flour).. so, hopefully, it'll work out fine.
im currently on this step, have put it in the airing cupboard :)
its a really good recipe.. and clear instructions.. thankyou :)
mpiazzisi6 years ago
Temp is well below zero here. I put the bowl in front of the oven exhaust. Mine just happens to be on top of my stove. The temp there runs around 90-100 F.