How To Make Bread (without a bread machine)


Step 5: Into the pans

Picture of Into the pans
Punch the dough down (Yes, punch it. Beat the heck out of it. Just don't make a mess), then divide it into 3 parts. Spray the pans and put the dough in. Let it rise again in the pans (covered) until it looks like the second picture.
mgarner23 years ago
trying this today im at the second rise stage and its not looking good lol but hay i have never made bread by hand before so will try again .....it didnt quite look right at the first stage to be honest the mix wasnt wet enough but i put the correct amount of water in but i think that my water may have been too hot as well hmmmm oh well we will see wish me luck lol
My girls really beat the dough and added all the flour, it looked really bad but it did rise. My problem is after I cooked it it was half the size it should have been. It looked sad but tasted GREAT. so what did i do wrong? sam
u probably didnt let it rise the second time or u didnt cover the rising dough.
probable let it rise too much the first time
your answer could be right too.
maybe u put in too much dough or didnt wait long enough?
I might be wrong!
SandeeCH5 years ago
SandeeCH says:
You need to let it rise in the pans until it doubles in size. This second rising should take less time, because there is more yeast in the dough.  
but how many minutes do u mean by "less time".
chiara123214 years ago
i havent tried the recipe yet, but i dont know if i should. . .
cantxcape6 years ago
I'm just wondering how long I'm supposed to keep them in the pans to rise, another hour? What if they don't rise as much as they should? The dough managed to rise to double its size in the bowl. I punched it down, then separated them, and now they're in their pans. I guess I could try to leave them there for another hour to see how high they rise.