How To Make Bread (without a bread machine)


Step 7: Eat!

Eat it! Share it! etc.!

You can do a lot with this recipe...

...You can add nuts, roll it out and add cinnamon and raisins for cinnamon-swirl bread, add your favorite spices, etc. Add sweet potatoes, chunks of cheese, pieces of ham, or whatever suites you. Be creative! It's your recipe  to experiment with and make your own, have fun with it!

lmp06072 years ago
I was wondering if a whole wheat flour can be used?
Bev19492 years ago
need to see the reply to can I use my electric mixer in this recipe... please thanks
Can I use electric mixer for the sponge part? :D
dklooney4 years ago
This is our standard bread recipe now. Couple of things I do to mix it up a bit:

Soak some raisins in your favorite alcohol over night -- I've used Marsala wine or bourbon. Mix in when you do the punch down after the first rising.
Add some chopped walnuts for a little crunch.
Spray the top of the dough with olive oil right before putting in the oven to brown the crust.
jeaismyname4 years ago
Thanks for this, it would help me in my bonding session with my friends.. ;)
automatron4 years ago
I just made this tonight and im using it for rolls for my first thanksgiving as hostess. I loved how easy this was to make and wow it was soooo fluffy! thank you for sharing this great recipe.
kelson123454 years ago
this is the best bread i have had EVER i would like to do it a lot more i have made about 36 loaves so far and they have all been so good
navidon15 years ago
it helped me in doing my science homework. thanks.........
Hello, so i prepared the bread today with my little guy and had lots of fun doing it :) unfortunately we had to much fun and did not pay much attention and added 2 tablespoons of salt instead of 2 teaspoons. LOL...wondering why the bread tasted so salty. But other than that i think my bread would have come over perfect.

Thank you so much for the recipe it was fun and easy :)

Yum Yum to all and good luck with your bread making :)

jhines00425 years ago
I want to make bread that includes a vegetable of some variety.  My first instinct is to add finely shredded spinach.  I would also love to try with broccoli.

Any advice on when and how to add such things?

somarx5 years ago
thx it's really useful i added some olives inside the bread yummmmmmmmy
hilo8905 years ago
MMM! That tasted delicious! Great instructions AND recipe!
symbe6 years ago
Thanks a bunch, I have just baked a lovely bread. This is my first time
drinkmorecoffee (author)  symbe6 years ago
You're very welcome! Glad it turned out nicely.
Muzhik6 years ago
After dividing the dough, roll it out and sprinkle it with chocolate chips and sugar. Roll it up and put it in the pan seam-side down, then let it rise and bake. Serve with children and milk. Or skip the children and eat it all yourself with tea. (Children take too long to bake.)
RhiKemp6 years ago
Wow! I googled 'How to make bread' and you were the first link and I am so glad I went onto this page, I love it and it's made me very excited about making bread (have never done it before, can you tell!) But I was just wondering, I doubt my partner and I would be able to eat 3 loaves before they start to go off so I was wondering, how would it go if we halved (well, thirded) the ingredients, would that work?
Frasi19666 years ago
I made this bread once already, it came sooo good! I am making it righ now again, one loaf with ham inside. Thank you sharing!
Great recipe, family enjoyed, no trouble what so ever, thanks
mschrief6 years ago
I have the dough on the second rise. Put in just two pans. Hope I don't have a MEGA loaves of bread. After an hour, I'll see. If too large, I'll punch and rise again in three pans
owlett7 years ago
It was delicious! I had one with sultanas a plain one and one round one with poppy seeds on the top- they all got eaten within 48hours! Mmm- definitely gonna do it again soon...
kezabel7 years ago
Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to go and make it now. I'll let you know how it goes. :}
NewName kezabel7 years ago
I have made it once and I'm making it again right now lol I almost read the recipe wrong I thought it said 2 Tbsp of salt but I reread it and added 2 tsp that cauld have tasted nasty lol. ill let you guys know how it turns out :)
owlett NewName7 years ago
yea- I thought that too- if you hadnt have pointed it out I would have made it with all that salt lol!
owlett7 years ago
thanks. i`m gonna go try it now!
shey2bimbz7 years ago
hi i want to know if there will be a yeast taste when eating. because most of the bread i made it had that smell and taste. please help me with it. thank you