Picture of How To Make Burlap Flowers
The flowers shown can be created quite simply and without the usual mess or frustratino that accompanies sewing or gluing things together. Instead, we will be using only a wire to hold the pieces of fabric together and to make the stem.

Supplies needed:

Flower Pattern
Regular Fabric
Pen or market for tracing flower shapes onto fabric

Step 1: Cut Out Flower Shape From Your Pattern

Picture of Cut Out Flower Shape From Your Pattern
Burlap Flower 1 (5).JPG
After cutting out a flower, trace out a shape of the flower onto your fabrics. You will want both of your fabrics to be a little larger than the size of the flower that you cut out that will be used as a centerpiece.
poofrabbit2 years ago
How neat! This would be a fun accessory on a scarecrow as well!