Introduction: How to Make Butterbeer From Harry Potter

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Butterbeer is a great dessert-drink for any Harry Potter fan! I figured out the recipe when I was drinking the actual butterbeer from Universal Studious and figuring out the tastes. Other than that, I did some research. I actually created this recipe by myself!

Step 1: Ingredients

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This is the simplest way to make butterbeer!

-cream soda
-caramel syrup

Step 2: Caramel

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Pour the caramel syrup into your cup until it forms a thin layer of the sauce on the bottom.

Step 3: Oh Yes, It's Fizzy

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Open your can of cream soda, and pour it into the cup slowly. If the cup fills up, wait for the fizz to go down. Then, continue to pour. When your done, mix up the brew.

Step 4: DONE!

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Double, double
Toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Double, double
Toil and trouble

Heehee! Enjoy your concoction, and watch some Harry Potter movies!


bmorgan11 (author)2013-11-09

You could use A&W or Mug but I am lazy and go over into natural section of my Grocery store and by real butter beer. Fly Cauldron made by Virgil's is the best.

Jborean (author)bmorgan112016-12-24

Root Beer = Not Cream Soda... About the only similarity is sugar and water...

pottermore28 (author)bmorgan112015-09-18


sburt1 (author)bmorgan112014-02-07

Flying Cauldron is so good got it at a a touristy store. You know what normal stores have it?

TechnoPoet (author)sburt12014-09-27

Whole Foods has it! I got a four-pack last week for $6. Well worth it.

NicolásC42 (author)2016-08-04

What another drink could i use instead of A&W?, i'm not from US, what does this soda tastes like?

jjmadness (author)NicolásC422016-09-20

Its pretty much just a root bear drink, so anything close to root beer.

Jborean (author)jjmadness2016-12-24

No... Cream Soda is not Root Beer... not even close.

NicolásC42 (author)jjmadness2016-09-20

There is no root beer where i'm living :| Haha

NerdyGirl79 (author)2016-03-01

Has anyone tried adding shaved ice? When I went to Orlando, they added shaved ice and it was mind blowing.

snaperules929 (author)2016-02-14

Awesome recipe! Love it!!!

Igloocrafts123 (author)2015-12-04

I love butterbeer and so does my friend we will make this lol (fan girl )

WolfMaster333 (author)2015-11-04

I tried this at home and it was AMAZING! Thanks so much!

ArnehC (author)2015-08-09

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-09

Did anybody make the butterbeer yet? Let me know!

I did!

TheDanie300 (author)2015-05-22

I made it, but, i did not use A&W cream soda, i used diet A&W. It tastes awesome!

cakes727 (author)2015-03-04


BubblesGirl915 (author)2014-12-26

That's amazingly easy! Im going to try soon!

spoonietreasures (author)2014-12-05

put the syrup in the bottom of the mug, add about an inch of cream soda. Stir until the syrup has dissolved and top off the mug with nice foamy cream soda.

SkyProductions (author)2013-12-26

Happylist, that's good, right?

Yeah! It's AWESOME!!!!! Also yesterday for Christmas, I got SodaStream. SodaStream tastes awesome.

LadySnape (author)ChipzAhoyMcCoy2014-08-30

I got a SodaStream for Christmas too! I should buy some cream soda syrup and try this.

Intoxicology101 (author)2014-06-22

Good stuff, it's very simple but gets the job done. We just visited Wizarding World Of Harry Potter and have been tasting internet recipes left and right. We listed our favorites and even made our own alcoholic version here:

SkyProductions (author)2014-02-11

Because I'm more amazing sarzar10 no I'm kidding

Ojsmudge (author)2013-11-09

does this butter beer taste the same as the butter beer at universal studios because for me it tasted foul

Then use butterscotch syrup.

sburt1 (author)DaRubberBandFan032014-02-07

So you use Butterscotch syrup instead of the caramel?

ChipzAhoyMcCoy (author)sburt12014-02-09

Pretty much yes.

Istarian (author)Ojsmudge2013-11-10

Well, if it has some kind of alternate sweetener like aspartame and others that might explain. Never been to universals studios myself, but it's not too hard to imagine they might be using diet soda for that (which sometimes has artificial sweeteners).

ChipzAhoyMcCoy (author)2013-12-26

I've never been to Universal Studios anyway...

sburt1 (author)ChipzAhoyMcCoy2014-02-07

Just to make a correction it's Universal Orlando. Universal Studios is in California and haven't finished their WWoHP yet S no Butter Beer there.

ChipzAhoyMcCoy (author)sburt12014-02-09

Oh I thought there was only one in Orlando.

sarzar10 (author)2014-01-21

Why didn't I think of this!?

ChipzAhoyMcCoy (author)2014-01-10

Check out my youtube account right here:

SkyProductions (author)2013-12-26


I changed my username yesterday. It's ChipzAhoyMcCoy.

SkyProductions (author)2013-12-26

Happylist, now you can experience the magic from HOME!

I have before and tried a butterbeer recipe that had butterscotch syrup. Most people put butterscotch syrup in cream soda, and it tastes so sweet!

SkyProductions (author)2013-12-09

Happylist, awesome! Is that when you started following me?

So i looked at your ibles and later I followed you. I saw this when i was on my ipod on instructables and that was a new instructable that suddenly popped up.

ChipzAhoyMcCoy (author)2013-12-08

This is the first instructable from you I've seen

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-25

DaRubberBandFan03, I will certainly will try that, thanks for the feedback!

DaRubberBandFan03 (author)2013-11-25

No offense, but it tastes like caramel soda. Try putting butterscotch syrup in it. It tastes great.

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-24

Has ANYBODY tried the butterbeer yet?!?

I did!

Ward_Nox (author)2013-11-10

if you use butterscotch liqur instead of caramel you get a hard version

PaulMakesThings (author)Ward_Nox2013-11-11

I would have pictured it tasting like butterscotch as well.

Ward_Nox (author)PaulMakesThings2013-11-11

i don't remember the exact measurements but i do remember that Butterscotch Schnapps have less alcohol then Butterscotch extract

i also know that no mater what version you make it tastes awesome with some icecream in it

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-10

CAScreate, it IS good :)

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