Picture of Easy Char Cloth
Have you ever wanted to make the perfect fire stater? Or fire kit? Well you are in luck because char cloth is the best fire starter. All you need is one spark to land on the char cloth and it hold the spark very very well. All you have to do is blow, put a cotton ball over it, and place your tinder on it. Then boom! You got yourself a fire
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
-Scissors -100% cotton t-shirt -Tin can (Or in this case I'm using a tuna can) -Barbecue -Aluminum foil

Step 2: Cutting The Shirt

Picture of Cutting The Shirt
photo-2013-04-23 7:56 PM.jpg
Now cut a piece of shirt into little strips then into mini squares. Also take your tin can and drill or punch a small hole into the lid.

Step 3: Cooking The Char Cloth

Picture of Cooking The Char Cloth
photo-2013-04-23 7:56 PM.jpg
photo-2013-04-23 7:56 PM.jpg
Now turn on your barbecue. Wait for it to reach 400 degrees F. Then place your tin can on the barbecue with the cut up shirt placed inside. Then close the lid and wait!

Step 4: Waiting

Picture of Waiting
Set a timer to 30 minutes and let it go. If you see smoke coming out of the hole that's fine. If it ignites that's fine to. Just let it burn.

Step 5: Taking It Off The Grill

Picture of Taking It Off The Grill
photo-2013-04-23 7:56 PM.jpg
When your timer goes off, turn off the grill and use tongs to pick up the can and place it to the side. Put the tin foil on top of the can as fast as possible. If you do not do this the oxygen will rush into the can and ignite all of your char cloth. Wait for it to cool then there ya go. You have just made your self the worlds best char cloth!!
survivorman371 (author) 1 month ago
Yes you could

Could you do this in a campfire?