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Here is a tutorial on how to make cheap,easy fire starters.These fire starters are really handy for lighting fires,they can burn for a really long time.I also use these to light the coal in my forge.

Step 1: Materials

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For making these firestarters you will need:melted wax,sawdust or wood shavings,and an egg carton.
Ghost36510 months ago

:D perfect its simple and are made out of normal things we could have in the house! Thanks so much!

In mine I use sawdust coal:
pfred21 year ago
cjdun123 (author) 1 year ago
What you think is water is actually melted wax,and yes I just melted them in a pot on a stove
robinmcd831 year ago
How'd you melt the wax? Just put the candles in a pot and turn the stove on? In the pics it looks like there's water in the pot...