Introduction: How to Make Pandarian Monk

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Since Mists of Pandaria was released recently, I thought I would do something related to that.
So using a Mcdonalds toy of Kung-fu panda, I built myself a Chen Stormstout.

Step 1: Materials

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Materials needed:
  • Black clay
  • White clay
  • Light brown Foam board
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pliers
  • Gold coloured metal (for buckles)

Step 2: Before

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2 Pandas before working on them, for comparison later on.

Step 3: Back of Coat

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Take the black clay and make flat round pieces, then put them on the back of the panda to begin forming the coat.

Step 4: Arms of Coat

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Cover the arms of the panda with pieces of black clay, then make a cuff out of the white clay and apply it overtop of the black clay near the hand

Step 5: Front Part of Coat

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Roughly apply black clay, Details will be added later. try and fill the seems between the back front and arm pieces.`

Step 6: Coat Details

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Use gold coloured metal pieces and some white clay to add the edges of the coat and buckles that hold it together.

Step 7: Cut Off the Ears

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Use the Pliers to rip the ears off of his head to make sure that his hat will stay on properly.

Step 8: Making the Hat

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Cut a slit in the foam and make a rice hat shape with it, Glue the cut closed to keep it secure and add a white pipecleaner to the outside with hot glue.

Step 9: Fitting the Hat

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Cut 2 slits in the hat, 1 over the eye and 1 at the arm so that the hat will stay in the proper position, if you want. you could use spare materials to fill in the hole by the arm.

Step 10: After

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Now that it is complete. Bask in the Pandamonium!!


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