After being inspired by the Pig Candy instructable, I decided to give chicken fried bacon a whirl. So here goes....

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Step 1: Ingredients That You Will Need

The ingredients are pretty simple. You will need the bacon, of course, some oil of your choosing, white flour, bread crumbs, eggs and whatever spice mix that you prefer, I like Lawry's
mmmm food :3
mmmm..... bacon
Gorgeous! This method of coating is called "Milanese" (from Milan, Italy) In my country, Argentina, It's part of our culinary religion!!! It is like talking to God himself... Try It with cow meat slices (2 to 3 mm thick, no more) I do them in this manner: (we don´t use flour) a)mix the eggs with the spices, crushed garlic is a MUST b)soak the meat in the eggs, for at least one hour c)like in your recipe, there goes the bread crumbs and frying. d) best companions: fried potatoes and/or fried eggs, or merely potatoes or sweet potatoes pureé
Ah, Yes! I had something very similar to that in Uruguay. US food isn't nearly as good as down south there.
You , lucky guy!!!<br>Meaning no ofense, &quot;down under&quot; here We have tastier foods than &quot;up there&quot;in USA, with a few exceptions....<br><br>
mmmm mmmm cow meat!!!
wow, thats kind of sad, u dont noe thatr bacon comes from a porker? (other wise known as pig)
DERP he's talking about Asmodeo's comment that says USE COW MEAT. Pretty sure cow is from cow not pig.
oh ... awkward moment... so uncomfortable O__O
actually its pig
That is chicken fried steak.
I recall as a child seeing an episode of Gomer Pyle USMC, where Gomer prepared bacon by dredging it in flour with a bit of sugar and cooking it in an oven.<br><br>I tried this method years later and it is very nice, but messier then a fry pan. Take about a half cup of white flour and a heaping teaspoon of sugar. Coat the bacon in this mixture and cook it in the oven at 350 degrees (a pre-heated oven). Use a rack with a suitable baking pan underneath, to catch the fat, which will be clear and usable for other cooking. Watch the cooking time, though. Because the direct heat is not as intense, it does not shrink as much. Turn it over after ten minutes and cook another 5 to 10 minutes as needed.<br><br>Enjoy
Once you are done ^with^ all the cooking. For some reason Canadians, especially the younger set, tend to omit important prepositions and create rambunctious run-on sentences.
Aha- I always wondered what "chicken fried" meant. I always assumed it was like frying eggs in the fat you just cooked the bacon in, but with chicken, or something disgusting like that. I assume the name means "battered and fried as if it were fried chicken"? Deep fried (ulp) bacon? If ever there was a "so wrong but so right" food, this is it.
The whole "chicken fried" thing is definetely an american thing. I am a Canadian and until I ate at my first Denny's, I wondered what the chicken fried thing was too. And let me tell you, eating this food is total happiness in the belly!!
Probably more Southern US. <br> <br> I grew up in the Northeast and I'd never heard of chicken frying anything but chicken, which is just frying.
What? Where's the cream gravy?
yes, chicken fried requires cream gravy. We've had this at restaurants and it is wonderful!<br />
the ranch dressing was camera shy
<p>that is sick. :l</p>
Excuse me .... I forgot: chicken breasts, finely sliced, milanese style, with a tomato-lettuce-sweet onion salad... a SUMMER SPECIAL !
Nutritious and delicious. Glad I could inspire you.
deep fried (non battered) bacon tends to actually have less fat than panfried bacon - the fully engulfed bacon in hot fat melts more fat than being in a pan where some can be missed. The batter sadly holds onto a lot of fat - which makes it so tasty :D This looks wonderful! NOW we need battered deep-fried bacon coated in chocolate.
hmmmm, you've got me thinking...
Is this a tasty alternative to cyanide?
yes it is, my friend
The classic Homer Simpson "You believe what i believe, now Butter your bacon!"
well done instruc, great pictures to ! There's been a lot of deepfried bacon on the food channel the past few years and I keep thinking SOMEDAY....
Oh wow. This is an Instructable that's after my heart. Literally out to destroy my heart. Since it's going to kill be anyway I'd probably make a dip from mayonnaise and Chinese spicy mustard. And there would need to be beer.

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