Step 2: Making Coconut Milk: Step 2- Blend the Coconut and Water

Blend the coconut and water mixture in the blender for a minute or two.  
<p>Thank you for these straightforward, well-illustrated instructions. You mentioned kefir. I haven't had any luck making coconut kefir with kefir grains raised in cow's milk. Have you found a good way to make coconut kefir? If so, would you share it? Thanks again.</p>
<p>I have always added coconut to when making my soymilk but never thought of trying to make coconut milk, cream or butter. Thanks for the tip.</p>
<p>hi all.well i am wondering on sth..we have on stores shredded coconut which we use in candy and macaroons and i dont knwo if thats the one i can use to make milk and flour????second..i found coconuts fresh on store for rather cheap...now how to make coconut flour out fo them?like must make milk first and then dry the pulp or i can make it straight to flour by dry the coconut flesh in dehydrator????????any thoughts to a confused coconut lover???thanks!!!!!!</p>
If the shredded coconut isn't a sweetened shredded coconut, then, yes, it should be what you are looking for. Just check the ingredients and make sure it doesn't have added sugar.<br>You should be able to make coconut milk and flour from the fresh coconut if you can shred it up. I would cut the brown part off first. I don't think you would need to worry about dehydrating it first because you are just going to rehydrate it again anyway. I've never tried it personally, though, because using already shredded coconut is just so much easier.<br>Give it a try and let us know how it goes!
thanks for the really great information. I was wondering if you've tried this with fresh coconut... i have been having an affair with coconuts lately and well... there's just so much coconut... i've been freezing the meats. i was thinking i could dry out the coconut in the oven and and then grate in the food processor? I'll let you know... the worst that could happen is I waste $1.39 (the cost of the coconut:-)
I'm sure it would work. You might not even have to dry it out, although butter made with coconut with moisture probably wouldn't keep as long. Maybe the water would separate, though, and you could remove it later by putting it in the fridge. The coconut oil and butter should solidify, allowing you to pour off the water. <br>This is all hypothetical, though, because I haven't tried it myself. I'm just guessing. <br>For the milk, obviously, the water isn't a problem. <br>I'd love to hear how it goes if you try it!! :)
it was interesting... first off, it didn't dry so well... and then i added coconut milk to the coconut as it was, and maybe some water. maybe i overblended it and turned it into butter.. it was really thick. I used it as cream in my tea. I'll try again. I'll keep you informed. have a great one.
Which were you trying to make? Coconut milk?<br>Did you add enough water and then strain it?
This is fantastic! I can't wait to try it all out. Thank you so much :)
Congratulations on the instructions is very practical and useful. Thanked.
Who knew how easy this could be. Great instructable! My, Caveman Diet budget, will be very pleased, thanks.
This is just too brilliant! Where have I been?!! Oh wait, I know...at the store spending a bundle on all of the listed items you made al by yourself! Thanks so much, I cannot wait to get my not little hands on some coconuts! I truly am coo-coo for coconuts!!!
Love this! I made coconut milk and the flour with about 250g of shredded coconut. It made approx. 1.2L of milk and exactly a cup of flour. <br>The milk I made has less fat than the canned variety I found, about half the solids than the can - is it just me? <br>Instructables is great for procrastination from homework :)
I mentioned before- I think in the comments section somewhere :)- that you can make it either thicker or thinner depending upon the amount of water you use in your coconut to water ratio. I found this ratio to be a happy medium and similar to what I have bought in stores. I have made it with more coconut, though, and it did have more solids and was thicker and creamier. I guess it would depend upon what you want to use it for. <br>I, for example, would never buy &quot;light&quot; coconut milk in a can because I think with many brands it is just watered down coconut milk for a similar price. If you were to make this with more water and less coconut, though, I would imagine that you get something similar to &quot;Light coconut milk.&quot; <br>Another thing that may affect the thickness of canned coconut milk is that they often add things like guar gum to thicken it. I prefer to have coconut milk with just coconut and water. ;)
Oh, and Instructables is actually good for procrastination from just about anything- not just homework!! :)
That's great...NOW here are MY INTERESTS: Coconut oil can be (SHOULD BE) used for almost everything that has movement and need friction reduced; from hinges to locks. Also remove paint on hands (no odor, good for the skin!); fresh stains.. I have cleaned rust from an outdoor cooker, and on and on...Just try it and see ...
Yes, I also use coconut oil for a lot of different things. It's almost impossible to find coconut oil here in Spain, though, because they still consider it an unhealthy oil. I end up ordering in large quantities from Germany. I do like it for cooking, but my favorite uses are for moisturizing my skin and as a pre-wash conditioner for my hair. I also love the way it smells. :) <br>
The human DNA allows it to process either protein or ketones. When a baby is born, it has been processing ketones, not protein. If you don't have meat available, the coconut oil can provide a useable source of nutrition in place of it. No animal's body can do this. Probably should supplement the corn mush in starving regions with coconut oil to help on several levels.
THANK YOU!! I cant drink milk and the substitute milks like almond and coconut have carrageenan in it that makes me very sick, Thus I have been buying the canned coconut milk at a ridiculous price. Thank you thank you, I had given up on coconut milk because I couldn't afford it but now I have new hope.
Wife likes Silk Soymilk original, because it is low-fat, has the additional benefits of cholesterol-lowering naturally-occurring compounds, and they don't use sweet barley to give it sweetness, which to her is objectionable, because in competitor products, it strays too far from the traditional milk taste.
You're very welcome. I hope it works out well for you. I also prefer the taste of homemade to canned coconut milk, and when you make it yourself you can control how thick or thin you want it to be. You can get a coconut cream consistency with more coconut and less water, or a &quot;light&quot; coconut milk with more water and less coconut.
Oh, man! This sounds too easy. Now to find a source of unsweetened coconut in the land of over-sweetened, church basement recipes! <br>One more thing to bring back in my already overstuffed suitcase from Hawaii.
If you're in the US you can order coconut from places like Amazon, Swanson Vitamins, Vitacost, and various other online health food-type stores. Mine came from . . . Puritan's Pride, apparently. Now I have to stop eating the cashews I found while looking through the cupboard <br> <br>Anyway, tangent over, I LOVE this Instructable. I've made coconut butter before, and am about to burn out my aging blender (It's due for a replacement) making coconut milk.
:) <br>If you look at the comments, someone else mentioned finding it in the bulk section of Whole Foods too. <br>I miss Whole Foods. Sigh.
Luckily here in Spain I've never even seen the sweetened variety, so it is very easy to find. I do remember eating the sweetened coconut from the bags as a kid, though, when growing up in the states. I loved the easter bunny cakes covered with it, too. Now it is way too sweet for me. <br>I'm surprised that they wouldn't have both varieties available, though, in just a regular grocery store- maybe in a different section? Maybe you could try health food stores if not?
This worked great! My hubby (@ozyglass) and I found the coconut at Whole Foods in the bulk section. About $6 worth of coconut made a half pint of butter, a quart of milk, four cups of flour, with enough raw left over to coat the shrimp in our dinner. We made all the products and put them right to use with Coconut Shrimp and curried Swiss chard in coconut milk. Thanks for the great Instructable!
I'm so glad they worked for you and that you liked it!!
Awesome Instructable, thank you so much for sharing! I was wondering whether you compared the cost of eg. the diy coconut milk vs store-bought coconut milk? I have a feeling it works out a lot cheaper to make it yourself!
Woo-hoo! Great post - thanks so much for this!
Thank you so much for sharing this incredible idea..this is something I shall definitely try..
When you say unsweetened shredded coconut, are you talking about the dry coconut?
Yes!! :)
Thank you for such a great post! I will definitely give all of these a try, especially since I have never had coconut butter...sounds luscious!
a coffee grinder(spice grinder... pretty much the same thing) will make a nice fine powder from that coconut meal leftover from making the milk. <br> <br>Not that i would make the flour on purpose, but as a byproduct of making the milk, it works pretty well in pie shells, doughnuts and waffles. Not so well in breads and pasta.
Thanks. You're right. I actually did use mine (coffee grinder) awhile back when trying to make a finer version to see if it would help in baked goods to have a finer powder (although it didn't really make a huge difference in the recipe I tried). I forgot all about that. I haven't used it lately because it is being used to grind up my hens' shells to put back in their food for added calcium, and I'm too lazy to clean it out for just coconut flour. ;) <br>
Thanks so much! I've always wanted to know how to make these!
This is really interesting. It looks like your old food processor is an old Oster Kitchen Center attachment. If so I love this old appliance. I will have to try this just to see how it works.
It's actually just an inexpensive blender/food processor brand made by a local, German supermarket (LIDL) here in Spain. It uses the same motor for both the blender and food processor attachments. It isn't an expensive machine, and I'm still able to make coconut butter with it. So, definitely give it a try. Be patient. It can take a little while. ;) &nbsp;Good luck!
This is very helpful- I never knew it was so easy to make your own coconut products!
excellent ive been trying to do this for a long time. thanks.

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