How to Make Cookie Stuffed Cookies




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Introduction: How to Make Cookie Stuffed Cookies

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This cookie on cookie recipe will be a sugar overload! (Don't eat more than two!)



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    Oh lawd.... These would ruin my diet for sure... I couldn't even eat one due to the guilt that would follow. They look delicious, however. ;D

    This is a combination of my favorite cookies...... oreos and chocolate chip cookies, and look absolutely irresistible. The only thing i cant imagine is the amount of calories in each and every cookie, it hurts me to think about it

    These cookies look decadent and amazing. The only thing to make them outrageously over the top is to dip them in chocolate!!

    Even when there's too much chocolate, there's still not enough chocolate!

    Do you realize how many diabetics you just killed...Granted they will die very happy...Cool instructable and I'm going to make a batch to take with me to Dragon Con next week...Again...Very nicely done