How To Make Cool Star Wars Sound Effects With A Slinky

Picture of How To Make Cool Star Wars Sound Effects With A Slinky
Hi! I Am Going To Teach You The Secrets Of The Star Wars' Laser Sound Effects!
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Step 1: Materals:

Picture of Materals:
You Need,
-A Metal Slinky. (NOT PLASTIC)

-A Foam Cup.
It Can Be Plastic, But Foam Is The Best.

Step 2: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
This Is Easy.

Take The Cup And Insert It In The End Of The Slinky

Step 3: Listen (SHHHH)

Picture of Listen (SHHHH)
Drop The Slinky While You Hold The Cup And You Will Have Star Wars In A Cup!!!!!!

When you drop the slinky it might damage the carpet/floor

Do not put the slinky right by your ear, it can hurt

Hold the slinky so it stays inserted on the cup

Huntman007 years ago
where do you get a metal slinky
I got mine at target for only a $1
 Same problem here in Oz. 

When I eventually find one, it invariably turns out to be plastic!
Kuhan Huntman006 years ago
Wal-Mart, maybe Walgreens
Flumpkins Kuhan6 years ago
yeh, I got mine from Walgreens
Re-design5 years ago
some of the sounds in star wars was tapping on a telephone pole guy wire with a wrench. try it!
theres another way to do this hang a slinky hi up from a tack and stretch it down to the floor then whack it with a stick but i broke my slinky trying to get it down...
freakinslop5 years ago
you can just press one end of the slinky against your ear and let it bounce up and down. but it hurts kinda after a while.
EnigmaMax5 years ago
I can vividly imagine how you came up with this idea. and I laughed.
karossii5 years ago
I see image thumbnails across the top, but no images in the steps... why?
Ward_Nox6 years ago
they used to make a toy that was essentially a slinky in a plastic tube for this exact thing but i believe the OG sound effect that they used in the movies was made by hitting the tension lines for telephone poles with a metal rod
ya. that was it. i saw it in Wall-e bonus features.
I AM.. SOO... UMMM... WUTS THE WORDD ... ? AMAZED ! BY THIS CONTRACTION I WOVE IT !.... ... .. ..... . LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AAAAAHHHH!!!! YOUR MY DAD????!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miols6 years ago
Chicken22096 years ago
ibayibay16 years ago
I am pleasantly surprised. This ACTUALLY works.
wethecom6 years ago
love it i will regard your warning with great diligence one one eye left to lose dont wanna wast it having fun with a slinky ..i heard that the slinkey company went out of bisness because of so many lawsuit of people losing an eye!!!!!lol!!!!!!
csf01377 years ago
ahahaha amazing. :-) May the force be with you and thanks a lot for the instructable.
savagesteve7 years ago
Or alternatively you can just get an MP3 player that can record audio, find an antenna tower and record the sound of one of the guy wires when you tap it with a crescent wrench. Thats how they originally did it for the movie.
SWV17877 years ago
you really should record an MP3 and post it but i like your style.
mmcnally7 years ago
This makes an AWESOME sound...just like star wars. Great instructable Drake!