How to Make Cool Star Wars Sound Effects With a Slinky





Introduction: How to Make Cool Star Wars Sound Effects With a Slinky

Hi! I Am Going To Teach You The Secrets Of The Star Wars' Laser Sound Effects!

Step 1: Materals:

You Need,
-A Metal Slinky. (NOT PLASTIC)

-A Foam Cup.
It Can Be Plastic, But Foam Is The Best.

Step 2: Preparation

This Is Easy.

Take The Cup And Insert It In The End Of The Slinky

Step 3: Listen (SHHHH)

Drop The Slinky While You Hold The Cup And You Will Have Star Wars In A Cup!!!!!!

When you drop the slinky it might damage the carpet/floor

Do not put the slinky right by your ear, it can hurt

Hold the slinky so it stays inserted on the cup



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    Dollar stores. Great places to find them. Also, this is great.

    where do you get a metal slinky

    I got mine at target for only a $1

     Same problem here in Oz. 

    When I eventually find one, it invariably turns out to be plastic!

    Wal-Mart, maybe Walgreens

    yeh, I got mine from Walgreens

    some of the sounds in star wars was tapping on a telephone pole guy wire with a wrench. try it!