I had zero plans on doing a project today, but I woke up with an idea and needed to try it! I routed some groves with a v-bit and then inlaid some copper wire.

After a bit of glue and sanding it was done. All total was under and hour in the shop. I love the look but more than that I'm really excited about the possibilities!

<p>Inlays are tough. I really like your finished project!</p>
<p>A great use for offcuts and scrap copper wire, nice work!</p><p>Another solution to suspending work during finish application is the caltrop, aka jacks:</p><p><a href="http://community.woodmagazine.com/t5/Top-Shop-Tips/The-Caltrop-aka-Painter-s-Pyramid-Redux/m-p/128520#M920" rel="nofollow">http://community.woodmagazine.com/t5/Top-Shop-Tips...</a></p>
<p>Thanks!! I like the jack idea! That is clever!</p>

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