Are you tired of taking samples of Earth out the ground, or wasting time looking for them crap plastic ones?

Well look no further because I can tell you how to make your own custom bar ends like these:

Step 1: What You Need!

What you will need:

Aluminium rod as with the diameter your bar ends to be (you can use copper, steel etc...)

2 grub screws or 2 tiny allen bolts

Tools Needed:



Tap and wrench
the pic wont load, ill try again later
very Nice! you could also use the same mothod at the stem on your bike uses to hold itself in, which is the way i think im going to do it, its a little bit more difficult to make, but in my opinion looks better:<br />
Nicely polished! A good, quick, simple 'ible this. That lathe needs some maintenance mind you, a drop of oil and a clean will pay many dividends in the long run. 8-)
Thanks for all the good feedback so far.
Price/Cant buy in rod/Pretty sure you cant lathe it/Aluminum is light
Au contrare. You can buy it in rod form, you can turn it in a lathe (I have done this, making a cone spike) Aluminium is lightweight, yes. It can also be very tough, depending on the alloy (if applicable). Each alloy of aluminium has different properties, in and out of the lathe chuck.
I think i used two fired 12-gauge shotgun shells in my bars when I rode bmx (WAY old skool). If I recall correctly, they fit right inside your standard ID handlebars. Pretty sure I cut them down to the brass end part only. DON'T use live shells. Can't believe I need to say it but don't.
May have been 16-gauge, now that I think of it.
Not only samples of earth -if you have a prang on a bike without bar end caps and you could be taking a nice big biopsy sample of your liver. There's a reason our local track cycling club won't let you on the track unless you've got bar end plugs in.
Very good project and excellent finish.
They already have ones just like these for bmx bikes. also you can just crush a beer cap on and use that
hooray for =SMART=!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br/>
<h2> Hooray</h2>for me!!<br/>
i got mine free with mountain bike uk magazine :D
I missed that episode =(<br/>
it was an issue from back in 2007 :D
1 too heavy 2 why dont u use carbon fibre
Well there not used for road and you can use carbon fibre if you find it in a rod. Post some pics if you make some.
Very nice!

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