Picture of How To Make Custom Nail Polish
If you can't find the color of nail polish you want, why don't you just make your own?

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
All you need:
1) Food Coloring (the kind that comes out in drops is easiest to use)
2) Tooth Picks (Bamboo sticks for shish kabobs also work really well)
3) White Nail Polish (light colors also work)
oh yeah how do you get the food coloring off? eekkkk
sweet! gotta love this idea!
mj12504 years ago
really cool idea but how do you get the color off your nails after the food color stains it???
i would say put a clear varnish on first :)
Facsimile4 years ago
This is really smart :)
pyromonkey4 years ago
Im going to try this to make the perfect shade of purple :)
happyjo4 years ago
I ADORE this!
SwimmingRox5 years ago
i love this idea its super cute!