Step 4: Spacing

Using a straight edge (I have used a piece of blue card stock for my straight edge), draw a line on the inside of each tab to use as a guide for attaching to the white card stock separator pages.  

The lines on the tabs should all be the same distance from the tab's edge to ensure they are even along the white page when adhered.

Before applying adhesive, line the tabs up along the stacked white page separators.  Use a pencil to mark out the spacing along the white pages for your tabs.  

Apply adhesive to the entire inside of the decorative tab, being sure to get each corner well covered.  

Glue the tabs on one at a time, each to a separate piece of the reinforced white card stock pages, using your pencil marks as a guide.  Tabs should be glued well to both the front and back side of the page edge to avoid peeling.  
Oh, how cute! I love this! Brilliant idea! =D

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