Introduction: How to Make Dual Pistols

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Showdown is down! Make these dual pistols and shoot like a pro!

Step 1: Materials

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You'll need:
•Glue Stick
•Crayons (optional)
•Index Cards
•Binder Paper

Step 2: The Bodys

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Cut off the thick red line with the holes beside it. Roll with the glue and tape it.

Step 3: The Handle

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Cut strips from one piece of binder paper, roll them up with a crayon and tape.

Step 4: Connect and Trigger

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Connect the handle and roll a binder paper up tight

Step 5: Stop N' Scope

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Cut a scope and tape.

Step 6: The Stop

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Cut a slit and yeah...

Step 7: Done!

Now, make the exact thing and boom You have dual pistols! Make a bullet load and flick back to shoot.


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