How to Make EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apps for the I-Phone and I-Pad





Introduction: How to Make EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apps for the I-Phone and I-Pad

Hi plz vote for me


Apple Mac (Intel Based)

$100 for apple developer program

IOS SDK 5.0 (included in the program above)

Optional - Knowledge of coding (  c  /  obj. c  /  or c++  )

A teacher of a tech class could use this lesson!!!!!

I teach 8th grade technology my kids loved it!!!!!!!

There are many after school and in school courses on technology, so... a middle school teacher could make his or her example or make min. Then he'll show his or her class. Technology is all about new advancements. This would make it a fun easy way for kids to pay attention. They Could even have a contest school wide. A teacher could incorporate this as a "privilege" when your done with all work then you go to h "APP" Station.



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    Just out of curiosity, but you sound like you're 11 or 12. Not that the tutorial was bad or anything, but please don't say that you teach an 8th grade technology class, since your voice was a clear giveaway :/

    how old r u? plz reply

    i vote for you not realy hands on but u did explaned it very good and your a bit funny

    hehe Thanks! and tell all your freiendes to vote for me too

    thx again!

    I voted for you! Although I felt like I was voting more for the "dont-make-my-parents-divorce instructable" LOL

    Thanks for voting i really want to win :)

    If you are a teacher, why is the video voiced by a child?

    And what teacher spells so badly, with so many exclamation marks?

    And what school spends $100 per child on software for a single lesson?

    Neel Sawal is a student:

    See, now that doesn't match what I was told by PM...