How to Make Earrings Using Headpins





Introduction: How to Make Earrings Using Headpins

This is very simple to do and would be a nice gift to give friends this Christmas. By matching different colours, you can turn simple beads to beautiful designs.

2 ear wires
4 4mm round or bicone beads
8 small seed beads
4 head pins

Step 1:

Thread in 1 seed bead, 1 bicone or round bead and 1 seed bead into the headpin.

Step 2:

At the other end of the headpin, use your flat nose pliers and bend the head pin approximately 0.5cm from the end to 90 degree. If you are making a bigger loop, you should then bend close to 1cm of the wires.

Step 3:

Place the round nose pliers at the tip of the head pin. Depending of the size of the loop you are making, you should place the headpin at the right place of the round nose pliers as the diameter of the round nose pliers will determine the diameter of your earring loops. Twist the wires inwards (towards you) by twisting your wrist and make a full loop.

Step 4:

Now, take out the pliers and place it inside the loop as per picture below. Twist the loop backward so that you form a nice circle. Close the loop fully.

Step 5:

Now, to hang one of them into the ear wires, reopen the loop and hang it onto the loop of the ear wires. Close the loop using your pliers. Hang the second headpin.

Step 6:

Make the other side and you are done. 

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    Amazing I live them I wear them all the time

    It is a great idea and very nice pictures.

    Hi jessyratfink! I saw your Golden Snitch necklace. It looks really cute and hope it's okay to feature it on future blog posts :)

    That would be great. :D Thank you!

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Thanks canukcsgirl :) I saw your Bling'ed Out Button Rings. I'll feature it on my next blog post would that be okay? I hope it is. :))))

    Absolutely! - I'm flattered. Thanks!

    Okay! I'll send you a link once it's up and posted :) Thanks and Merry Christmas :)))